KotC - Feb 3rd Progress


With the demos launching last week, I thought, "Cool, enough coding, I can get back to work".  Instead, I spent the week glued to the numbers, and watching SO many "how to market" videos, and only really started work back on Thursday.

I have a few backgrounds made for the next part of the game (you can see one in the cover image), and I'm in progress on character sprites for some other characters in this section.  The goal is to finish the art for the next chapter of the game by the end of February.

The only coding I'll be doing for the next few months is bugfixing; this week, I made some minor fixes on random bugs in the Demo, and reuploaded them, but the fixes were minor enough that I'll wait until a few more crop up before I start announcing a new demo version.

Thanks for reading!

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