KotC - February 10th Progress

Again, just keeping up to date with what I've done this week.  These posts help ME out, because it helps me orient my goals for the upcoming week, and properly assess what I've done with the previous week.

I'm continually pumping out art assets for the next part of the game - lots of forest stuff!  I plan to finish the art for this section in the next two weeks.

I spent a good chunk of time this week just getting my ducks in a row, marketing wise - I have a Facebook page set up, I'm trying to keep active on Twitter, and I'm contacting some musicians for parts of the game I can't do with just creative commons assets.  I've also been signing up for tables at various conventions in the next few upcoming months, to try to get the word out about the game.  At this point, other than maintaining social media, I won't need to take any other actions on the marketing front until I get e-mails back from conventions or the artists.

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