He doesn't white knight for ladies or stan for BTS; Terry prefers the Monster Smash!  He makes the Slender Man stress eat, a Skeleton's skin crawl, and the Devil himself move from bargaining to depression!  

He's the Pepé Le Pew the world deserves.

"Oh, Terry!" is a short visual novel made for #SpooktoberVN 2020, and takes about 5 minutes to read.

Development log


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Great artwork and really creepy theme in a few minutes. Also I really appreciate that even though the story is short there seem to be 15-20 different locations


This was really great! I love the animations and overall style of the game. Terryyyyyy nooooo


Great art! Very stylish! And renpy has been stylishly redesigned for this task. Very cool!

(google translated)


Are you planning on expanding more of the story or maybe even a sequel?? I would totally love if I got to see other monsters react to such a gross character. Maybe even choice based so we could see a monster literally obliterate this gross creepy dude.

The game is hella fun,the art style is so cool,and I hope you are planning in the future to make something in this style again! <3 Also,ManlyBadassHero played your game! :)


a story about a "nice" guy stalking and raping a vampire.... why?

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1) Not the 'r' word, probably the 'm' word (MURDER).  It has the r-word flavor because...

2) My friend just started using dating apps after breaking up with her college boyfriend/fiance, and the culture shock hit her kind of hard.  She's been telling me horror stories about the guys that have been messaging her, and some of them are PRETTY BAD, and PRETTY SCARY.  Terry is my hate letter to those creepy boys who scared my friend.


This is hilarious! Excellent job!


Thanks!  Great job on the voices!


that's very kind of you, haha. i had a ton of fun playing it!