L.S.D.s Version 1.1 - Final Spooktober Build!

This will be the last major update I make to this game while it's being judged for the 2022 Spooktober Visual Novel Jam!

After sitting on the build for a day, and letting some people take a stab at it, I went back and changed and clarified some language, added a new major scene to the ending, and added two more music tracks to hopefully get the climax to feel a bit more earned!

I plan on uploading a LOT more Devlogs to this project this month - I did a lot of WEIRD stuff for this one, and I want to highlight many of the new work processes, tools, and design philosophies that I applied to this project, and share what worked, and what didn't!


L.S.D.s PC and Linux Build 1.1 73 MB
Oct 01, 2022
L.S.D.s Mac Build 1.1 58 MB
Oct 01, 2022

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