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A fantastic game! I adore the composition and transition animations. They served the scene and atmosphere so so well! Eveything is so visualy interesting- it's wonderful!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!


Great game. Paranoia inducing. Subtle and much need social commentary. Kafka meets Naked Lunch. Noire/Spy elements. Super art, music, and writing.


Bruh this game is very interesting!

Ohh... I love the the noir styling of the story. The art is beautiful & cohesive and looks like it's inspired by 60s illustration? Very nice touch. Vintage-style aliens, a twist. Overall I found it funny and madcap and **amazingly** well done. 

Thank you very much!


This was great- love the aesthetic, the music, the storytelling! And what a cool way to go through Stonewall- overall just so, so good. I need to make a spotify playlist of the soundtrack.

I tried to make a Spotify Playlist of it, but Dr. Frankenstein doesn't have these songs on Spotify :(.

All of them are available on freemusicarchive, though!


The whole aesthetic of this game was incredibly well done and a joy to experience. From the music, the usage of a legal pad UI, to the fast paced beat of the dialogue, this game was amazing. I could play it for hours. 


Cool atmosphere and setting!

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This soundtrack is killer, the overall mood is a fantastic breath of fresh air, and as a mystery fan this really appealed to me as a unique and powerful entry to the jam! The historical setting lends a sense of substance and grit that I don't think would have been very easy to execute otherwise, and I absolutely live for it. Fantastic job to all who worked on this!